What’s it about?

We hope to use this blog to communicate with you in another useful and unique way.   One in which we can share information with a large audience to help answer some common training and race planning questions in more detail than is possible through our other communications channels (email, website, Facebook and Twitter).

The questions which we will blog about will cover several areas:

1) information about our particular events which we hope will help you to enjoy your time with us as much as possible, and

2) information about subjects such as: training dos and don’ts, nutrition, hydration, injury prevention, injury recovery, etc.  We believe that the knowledge and experience of our bloggers will help you to have as safe and effective training, race day, and post race week, as possible.

Please join us in a robust discussion of the topics introduced by each of our bloggers.  We believe that you will find them knowledgeable and very helpful.

While some of the bloggers are qualified Physical Therapists, Nutritionists, Certified Endurance Running Coaches, etc. they will not diagnose individual medical issues, nor  provide individualized training plans, etc.  However, we believe that they will help you to think about your particular question in a helpful, informative way, and to understand the most important points to keep in mind in a number of areas during your training, on race day, and post race.

Please engage them with your questions, comments and suggestions in order to move toward the best outcome possible for YOU. Endurance training and racing is best managed by NOT following exactly what others have done/are doing, but is often more successful if your goal is to determine what works best for you, given your currently conditioning, available time, motivation, etc.  Everyone is different, and while there are general guidelines which apply to us all, listen to your body and strive to be the best that YOU can be!

We hope that this blog will become a valuable tool for you as you make progress in your fitness and racing goals and in planning for the various aspects of race weekend and race day.

Best wishes,

Joe Gigas
Race Director,
The Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon

PS – This blog will not answer questions which are already discussed on our web site, and will not respond to general requests such as changes of event, registration related questions, general event info requests, etc.  The communication channels for those types of communications are via an email to either Registration@NJMarathon.org or to Info@NJMarathon.org.