2014 Race Director Update #7

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18th Annual Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon, April 25-27

Full Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay, Health & Fitness Expo, 5K, Family Events & Kids Races

Race Director Update #7 – 4 weeks until Race Weekend

Thank you for registering for The 18th Annual Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon Weekend. In an effort to make your participation more enjoyable, here is the seventh in the series of weekly messages. Copies of these updates are also available on our Website.

Important Summary – Smooth Sailing on April 27th – See Race Director Update #1 for more details:

  1. Pre-Race: Carpool and be in the parking lots between 75-120 minutes early, or take the Special Race Day Train to the Start. Click here for a train ticket ($10).
  2. Pre-paid parking at Monmouth Park: We strongly suggest this pre-paid option.  Click here for a pre-paid pass ($5).
  3. Pre-paid parking near the Finish Area: Guaranteed Parking for spectators at 7-President’s Oceanfront Park in Long Branch.  Click here for a $15 pass.
  4. Post-Race – Getting to your vehicle: Take a regularly scheduled NJ Transit train, walk to a parking lot near the Finish Area, or take one of our free buses back to Monmouth Park.
  5. Race Day Gear Check: Take advantage of this free service for dry, warm, clothing after your race!
  6. Race Packet Pick-up: Free at the Expo. Paid service on race day morning. Click here to register ($25).
  7. Race Day Security Information for Athletes, Spectators, Press, Volunteers and Race Staff: Click here for special race day security requirements.
  8. Corral Loading Times: Half/Relay 6:10 to 6:40 am, Full 7:25 to 7:55 am. The last corral will remain open for loading until race start.


1. Tune-up Training Run – On the Courses:

Mark your calendar for a tune-up training run on Sunday, April 6th (three weeks prior to race day).  We will have a 10 miler (8 am start) and 20 miler (7 am start) “Last Long Training Run”, on parts of the courses.  Training paces usually run the gamut; anywhere from 7 to 14+ minutes per mile.  Our largest groups are 10 min/mile and up.

Please “Join” our event on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/562747157155359/  We need an accurate headcount to finalize our plans, as we expect hundreds of athletes to attend.


2. The Finish Chutes and Festival Area

The Finish Area is composed of two secure zones (click here for the map). The first secure zone is the race course; from Pier Village (off the map to the right), along the Promenade and extending past Rooney’s Oceanfront Restaurant on the upper left of the map. Barricades running the entire length will separate runners, security & medical personnel from spectators. The outermost security zone extends from the barricades along the course west to McKinley Ave. (near the bottom of the map) and along the east walls of the Ocean Place Resort to Laird Rd. in Pier Village (not shown on the map).  Please note: Pier Village will NOT be included in the outermost secure zone this year (however some traffic restrictions will be in place inside the village).

Relay athletes who have completed their leg, Volunteers, Vendors and Spectators may gain access to the outermost secure zone via one or more of the following security checkpoints: Cooper Ave., McKinley Ave., doors on the east side of the Ocean Place Resort and near the traffic circle on Laird Rd in Pier Village.  Everyone passing through these security checkpoints are subject to search and no bags of any kind will be allow east of these checkpoints.

Athletes entering the secure area via the finish line chutes may carry two specific bags once they are clear of the finish chutes; the Official Race Day Gear Bag from the Gear Drop Trucks located in the parking lot of the Promenade Beach Club, and the food bag given them in the Athlete Food tent as they exit the finish chutes.  These are the only two bags which may be carried by an athlete wearing an official 2014 Marathon, Half Marathon or Relay bib (must be worn in plain sight).  If you are not wearing an official 2014 bib you may not carry any bag in the secure area.  Do not put a bag down anywhere.

It is the goal of the security plan to provide you with as safe and carefree a finish line experience as possible.  The security plan was put in place after the bombings in Boston last year.  Spectators and athletes who knew and followed the rules last year were free to enjoy all of the activities offered without interference. That includes standing beside the barricades along the Finish Area.

Here are some points of interest at the Finish Line and throughout the Finish Line Festival Area, which you will enter after exiting the finish chutes. Please note: This areas is still within a security zone and special rules apply:

  1. If you checked a Race Day Gear Bag with us at the Start, pick it up after you exit the Athlete Food tent.  A changing tent and restrooms will be set up in that area for your convenience.
  2. If you have a VIP credential, head into Rooney’s Oceanfront Restaurant at any time during the Festival.
  3. Athletes without a VIP credential should continue on Cooper and turn left onto McKinley Ave. to access the Finish Line Festival Area.
  4. As you walk down McKinley Ave. you will pass behind the Emergency Medical Service area on your left, which you also passed near the finish line. Medical attention is available again should you need it now or at any time during the day.
  5. The next walkway on the left of McKinley provides access to: the Recovery/Rejuvenation Tent (get a free massage); the Awards and Results Tent (if you don’t have access to a smartphone with a QR Reader installed come here for your finish time), NY/NJ Challenge Medal pick-up, Age Group Results (age group awards will be customized and mailed to you in May); or visit Sponsor Village. Our Sponsors hold raffles throughout the festival hours and provide valuable information exhibits and experts.
  6. You may access the main stage area from either of two walkways on McKinley.  There is seating in front of the stage and plenty of green space behind the seating area to enjoy the concert. BTW – we will be announcing the name of the Finish Area Festival band performing on this stage very soon. This stage is also the location of the Awards Ceremonies for the half and full marathons.
  7. If you’re planning to meet other athletes and/or your support team after your race, the Reunion Area is the place designed to make that as easy as possible. It is accessible via either the main stage area or the walkway just beyond the stage. Look for a tall inflatable gorilla marking the location of the reunion area.
  8. Further down that walkway, just beyond the main stage, you will find: the Official Merchandise Tent, the Information/Lost & Found Tent, the Volunteer Check-in/out Tent, as well as a vendor engraving finisher’s medals (engrave you name and official finish time in the space provided on the back of your medal).
  9. The next open area on your left as you continue down McKinley will be the food vendor area and also access to Charity Village.  The Windmill and other vendors will be offering food and drinks for sale here.  The charities in the village are raising money from athletes racing for them during our races and from sponsors.
  10. At the end of McKinley is Madison Ave.  Just outside the security checkpoint to the right on Madison Ave. will be portable restrooms.
  11. If you turn right onto Madison Ave. you will notice signs directing you to the free Shuttle Buses back to Monmouth Park as well as signage leading to the Long Branch Train Station. Please note: New Jersey Transit trains WILL NOT STOP at Monmouth Park.
  12. Turning left at the intersection of McKinley and Madison Ave. and turning right a short way down Madison Ave. (toward the ocean) will lead to the Ocean Place Resort and further on to Pier Village (not shown on the Finish Area Map).  Please note: The area between the resort and the race course is still a secure area.  If you go into the resort, you will be leaving the secure area and returning through a door will require you to pass through screening once again.  Please note: There will also be a band playing at the Tiki Bar at the Resort for your enjoyment, as well as several in Pier Village.

 3. Why You Run

Tell us your story! Why do you run? What it is that got you started and what is it that keeps you going?  As we do each year, we’re again collecting stories at: stories@njmarathon.org.  We’re looking to inspire people with your wisdom, stamina and experience! We have some short versions of personal stories on our Facebook page right now and even more have been sent via email.

Please join others in letting your fellow athletes know of the trial and tribulations you’ve overcome and how running has helped. Every year we are amazed by the stories of bravery, persistence and determination in the face of the very significant adversity which our fellow athletes have experienced. Some of us run because we can, but many of us run because we must! Why? How has it helped? Your story may help someone who’s going through what you already have, and here’s a way to reach out to them.

I hope that the information in this update will help you plan for the variety of activities available over the 3 day weekend. Please let us know if you have other questions about what to expect.


Best wishes during your training and throughout the entire weekend of activities!


Joe Gigas
Executive Race Director
Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon


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