2013 Race Director Update #10 – April 28 (1 week until The New Jersey Marathon, Long Branch Half Marathon & Half Marathon Relay)

Where is the Expo and Where do the Races Start?  In Monmouth Park at: 175 Oceanport Ave., Oceanport, NJ 07757.

Please look over the information on our website at http://www.njmarathon.org for more help during your planning.

At The Novo Nordisk Health and Fitness Expo: Don’t forget to come early and stay late.  We have a slate of free speakers and interactive classes for you to enjoy on Friday and Saturday (see Race Director Update # 9 for a list of topics and classes), as well as the Kentucky Derby and affiliated races going on in the Monmouth Park Club House Area next door.  A few betting windows will be open on the expo floor as well!


The cost of parking at Monmouth Park: The parking at Monmouth Park will be $5 per car this year. There was a mistake in one of my earlier updates, which was corrected in a recent one. I wanted to make sure that the correct fee was well known prior to race day.  The fee will be collected upon leaving the park property.


Start Line Stress Reduction: Race day morning can be a stressful time with nerves on edge and likely with not much sleep that night. That’s why we suggest that you make it as easy on yourself as possible by planning ahead and either taking the train or parking extra early or by carpooling whenever possible.  Don’t get caught in traffic, and then wait in line to: get through the security checkpoints, check you race day gear bag for transport to the finish area and use the porta-johns and restrooms.  Why not arrive early and take as much hassle out of the morning as possible?  It is better to have extra time in the Park then it is to sit in traffic or stand in long lines.

Please note: race day train tickets may still be purchased on-line but are only available for pick up at the Expo.

Click here to see  a map of the Start Area

Very Important Security Information: There is increased security at our event this year.  Click here to View the Important Extra Security Information


Athlete Tracking: The New Jersey Marathon IS planning to offer athlete tracking/runner tracking on race day. I had hoped to have the details finalized in order to give you a link to sign up in this message.  I still don’t know if some portion of it will be paid by us and if we will offer you other options to connect with people through social media channels.  It has been a very slow process and I have been consumed by the extra security details and planning.  My intention in this communication is to make sure that you know that we will offer it in some form.


Finish Area Parking at Seven President’s Park: There will be NO shuttle busing from Seven President’s Park to the start line on race day morning.

This parking is designed to make travel as quick and easy as possible after your race and is especially useful for those half marathoners who desire a quick exit post-race.  From Seven President’s Park, you can avoid the race-route completely when heading Northbound. South bounders can get to Rt. 18, Rt. 35 or the Garden State Parkway with a good map or a GPS by heading north (roads heading west and south will be closed as they intersect with the race courses).

If you would simply like the convenience of having a car close to the Finish Line Festival there are many lots available. Parking at Seven President’s Park or in one of these other lots will also allow you to enjoy all that the Finish Line Festival has to offer and not be bound by the shuttle bus schedule (shuttles end prior to 4 pm).

Please note: There is no need to pay $15 for Seven President’s parking or any of the other lots in the area around the Finish Line Festival if you plan to head back to the start line post-race. Parking at Monmouth Park is $5 and shuttles back to Monmouth Park lots from the finish area are free. All vehicles heading west to Monmouth Park will encounter the same blocked roads as our shuttle buses until about 10:15 am on race day morning!

For questions please reach out to support@njmarathon.org.


Leaving After Your Race: There are two ways to get to your car after the race:

1) Check out our free Shuttle Bus Schedule on our web site.  Please note: the return shuttles will not begin their trips back to Monmouth Park until the roads between the finish area and Monmouth Park are open again after the racers have passed certain intersections. We estimate that those roads could be closed, or sporadically open, until about 10:15 am on race day morning. The departing shuttles from the finish area boarded in order by starting corrals. That way we can offer the shuttle service to those who have been waiting the longest time since they finished.  Once we get that initial demand reduced we will board buses on a “whenever ready” basis. There is plenty to do while waiting for the courses to clear.  Brian Kirk and the Jirks will be performing near the finish line, there will be raffles every 30 minutes (finish times and bibs will be chosen at random every 30 minutes), and there are many other bands and restaurants within walking distance.

2)  Participants could be dropped off at the start line in Monmouth Park and have their support team drive to the finish area to park. After your race you will be able to easily dive north up Rt.36 through Sea Bright and even further without crossing the courses.


Finish Times:  Once you cross the finish line you’ll likely want to know your official finish time, and we’ve got you covered in an even better way this year.  No more trying to find the results board, getting stuck in the crowd and then straining your eyes to find your name/bib # on the sheets.

Again this year each bib will have a QR code (see below for an actual example) on it which you can scan with any smartphone (a free QR Reader app is required which you can download from many sources). You can even try it out after you’ve picked up your race packet (of course there aren’t any results yet, but you can practice scanning and see how the page will look.  Here’s a sample QR code from one of our bibs (try scanning it):

Scan the image with a QR Reader to 2013 QR Code example  automatically go to your Results Page

 On race day the reader will take you to your individual results page on Active.com for your particular race.  Please note, there are separate pages for each race (full, half and relay). Don’t worry, if you don’t have your smartphone with you as you can ask a friend to scan the QR Code on your bib for you.  We will also have volunteers with smartphones at the Awards and Results tent to scan it for you if needed.  Your friends and family will also be able to see your results online, within 10 minutes after you finish.  And they can track your race progress prior to that (see below)!


Reconnecting With Your Supporters:  In the middle of the Finish Line Festival is an area that’s a good place to meet your family and friends after you’ve picked up your finisher’s medal, water and food, and your race day gear bag.  Don’t forget to stop to pose for a picture with your new medal before leaving the finish line chute.  There will also be official race photographers walking around in and near the Reunion Area for group pictures.  Please do not try to have your supporters enter the finish line chute for pictures.  Please note: You will not be allowed to re-enter the chute once you have exited and you will not be able to wait for slower runners inside the finish line chute.

Click here to see a larger  version of the Finish Line Festival Area


Race Day Weather: We will be watching the long range weather forecasts often during this last week prior to race day in order to make any necessary adjustment in our planning. With one week left, all I can tell you is that the weather varies from year to year (at noon on 4/28 it is currently 60º F and sunny at the Shore, with light winds).

Previous RD Updates: To review all previous Race Director Updates please visit the following link: View RD Updates

Help Us Help Others: Move for Hunger will be conducting a food drive during both days of the Novo Nordisk Health and Fitness Expo.  Please remember, it’s “cans in hands” when heading to the expo. Please help us to make a positive impact on hunger right here in The Garden State!!!

The MORE Foundation will be conducting a used athletic shoe drive during the Expo.  Please remember to bring those shoes you no longer train and race in when heading to the Expo, and please tie the laces together.  During our 2012 shoe drive you donated 900 pairs!  This year another 900 would allow us to support two families for a year!

This will be my last update prior to race day. Where did the time go?  I hope that these ten weekly messages have made your planning for race day a bit less complicated, and that you know more about all the great things to do at our Expo, what to expect on the course during your race and at our Finish Line Festival. We all hope that you thoroughly enjoy your time with us.

Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and on our blog throughout the year to learn about the new things which we have planned for 2014, and to join us for our free: clinics, training runs, adventure runs, and the races which we sponsor, etc. throughout the year! We look forward to being a training/running resource for you year round and hope that you will stay in touch throughout the year as we are interested in you as athletes and not only as participants in our races.

This one’s for you New Jersey, and Boston, and runners everywhere, as we welcome our friends and neighbors from across the state, the country and from around the world!  This year we are celebrating the rebuilding and restoration of the environment, infrastructure and lives of the resilient, determined, residents of New Jersey as well as showing our compassion and support for the people most directly impacted by the tragedy in Boston.

You inspire us each day with your dedication, determination and good humor, as you work through the many issues involved in endurance sports!  Best wishes to each of you as you strive to be better than you were yesterday!


Best wishes on race day and beyond!

Joe Gigas, Executive Race Director and the entire Race Committee

2013 Race Director Update #9 – April 21 (2 weeks until The New Jersey Marathon Weekend)

Race Info Questions: Please look over the information on our website at: www.njmarathon.org to help you during your race day planning. Please like us on Facebook as we often announce new information on our Facebook page first.

Race Packet Pickup Info:  If you have any questions about picking up your race packet please be sure to read the “Packet Pickup Info” on our website in order to make this as easy as possible for yourself or your Proxy.

Pacing Teams:  Stop by the Pacing Team Booth at the Expo to ask questions and to meet Bob our Pacing Team Leader, and perhaps some of his pacers.  It’s free to join-in and pacing teams provide a great way to give you an edge toward meeting your race day goal. Our teams cover a wide range of finish times including ones around the maximum finish time for each race. All of the Boston Qualifying times are also included!  Here’s the link to info about our pace group times and the pacers.

Starting Corral Assignments: We have manually placed some people in the last corral of their race who either didn’t bother to enter an expected finish time or entered a finish time which was a new world record, etc.   Even with those manual changes, there are likely people in corrals who shouldn’t be there, as it’s impossible to check all 11,000+ expected finish times.

If you were assigned a corral which is beyond your current ability, we ask each of you to sort yourself properly into corrals which are more appropriate. You can move yourself backward to a corral behind the one assigned without any prior authorization. It is your responsibility to be in the proper corral for your current demonstrated ability

In general, we do not make changes to the assigned corrals.  However, we may choose to change a corral assignment at the Expo only under the following conditions: your results from a recent race, on a certified course, are available on Athlinks.com and that finish time indicates to us that you can reasonably be expected to finish within the range of finish times in a different corral.  In that case only, will we change the corral assignment on your bib.  Faster training times, as recorded on your watch during training will not be accepted and neither will race times older than three years ago.  Please note: if you do not receive a change of corral sticker on your bib during the Expo you will not be allowed to enter an earlier corral on race day.  Please stop by at the Expo to apply for a change, if you qualify (see the qualifying information above). We want you to start where you belong based on past performance.

What’s Happening at the Health & Fitness Expo?: The 2013 Novo Nordisk Health & Fitness Expo will again feature an impressive lineup of health and fitness presentations as well as exercise, stretching and yoga classes and top vendors with great merchandise, accessories, and memorabilia.  In addition, some of our sponsors, affiliated charities and local businesses will also be available.  Browse through the expo area, join an interactive class, pick up some great advice from our expert speakers, place a bet on the Kentucky Derby, and even watch it on the large screen TVs in the Clubhouse.

Bring your workout clothes and/or your note pads, and plan on taking part in these free activities on each day of the Health & Fitness Expo. We will be announcing the days & times and speaker information later this week.

Interactive Classes:

Various exercise classes – envision (details available soon)

Qigong – Maxine Forster Guenther, MA

Chi Running – Dave Stretanski

Hot and Soul Yoga

Synergy Yoga


Presentation Topics:

Giving It Your All – Dane Rauschenber

Achieving Your Personal Best In Your 50s and 60s – Joe Muldowney

Pre-marathon Stretching – Barbara B. Mintz, MS, RD

Nutrition and Hydration – Barbara B. Mintz, MS, RD

Diabetes Awareness – Autumn Dempsey, RN, CDE

Nutrition For Top Performance – Karen Basedow, MS RD, CDE

How to Avoid a Trip to the ER-Planning is Everything – Victor Almeida, MD and Deb Cioffi, RN, MSA, MSN

After the Race: The Science of Recovery – Pam Wilson, DC and Michele Peters, RDN

What is Kinesio Tape and How Can It Help You? – Jeff Poplarski, DC and Christine Scarano, PT, DPT

How to Improve Your Time and Reduce Injuries – Chris Storti, DC

What is in Your Food and Water that is Making You Sick – Nicole Rivera, DC

How To Get Your Body Functioning Better Than Ever – Nick Carruthers, DC

Course Preview and Strategy – Joe Gigas, Race Director or Marty Frumkin, and Jim Thomas, Course Directors

Athlete Tracking: It is our intention to provide runner tracking again this year. The unexpected and extraordinary costs associated with putting on this year’s race makes it necessary for us to find creative ways to provide this service for you. We will continue to work on this, but time is running short and I can still only report our intention, not that it will be provided.  BTW – The required timings mats around the course have been ordered.

Race Day Shuttle Service: Race day shuttles will run from the start area to the relay transition area, and to the finish area and back to central parking at Monmouth Park, ONLY. Here is a link to the details Free Shuttle Bus SchedulePlease note: There will be NO Shuttle Service prior to our published schedule   If you need to leave earlier please have a vehicle waiting for you in one of the parking lots near the finish line (see “Finish Area Parking” below).

Finish Area Parking: If you need to leave prior to the start of the free Shuttle Bus Service, the lot at Seven President’s Park (Parking Lot A) is available for $15 per car, as well as in other parking lots in the area.  This Park is normally an easy drive from Monmouth Park and a short walk along the Ocean Promenade from the Park will get you to the Finish Line.  Please note:  This lot will only be directly accessible from Monmouth Park until about 7:00 am (after that time road closures will likely block direct access to the Park).  Tickets can be purchased on-line to be mailed to you or picked-up at the Expo. A link to make the on-line purchase will be available on our website soon.

Race Day Weather: We will be watching the long range weather forecasts often over these last two weeks prior to race day in order to make any necessary adjustment in our planning. With two weeks left, all I can tell you is that the weather varies from year to year.  It was in the low 40s and sunny with very little wind at race start time this morning.  It warmed up to almost 50 degrees by mid-afternoon with a light breeze at the finish.  It was perfect race weather today at the Shore!!

Previous RD Updates: To review all previous Race Director Event Updates please go to the following link: View the previous Race Director Updates.

Please Join us in Helping Others: Move for Hunger will be conducting a food drive during the Novo Nordisk Health & Fitness Expo. Please remember, it’s “cans in hands” when heading to the Expo again this year. Please help us to continue to make a positive impact on hunger, right here in The Garden State!!!

We are also attempting to change the lives of poor families forever, and need your help in donating used athletic shoes to The MORE Foundation Group during the Expo. It takes 600 pairs of collected shoes per family/village/school, and we’d like to you to join us to adopting several families/groups this year!  Please join us in this very worth-while effort!

Correction:  I incorrectly reported the cost of the parking at Monmouth Park in my update # 6.  It will cost $5 to park at Monmouth Park, not $1.  Please note: the $5 parking fee will be collected as you leave the parking lot.  Sorry for the error!

Best wishes during your training and on race day,

Joe Gigas, Executive Race Director

2013 Race Director Update #8 – April 14 (3 weeks until The New Jersey Marathon Weekend)

Where does the Race Start? Monmouth Park, in Oceanport, NJ

Bib # and corral assignments: Prior to the opening of the Novo Nordisk Health & Fitness Expo, we will be sending every registered participant an important document; the “2013 New Jersey Marathon, Long Branch Half Marathon & Half Marathon Relay Confirmation Form”, via the email address entered during registration

That document will contain vital registration information, including your bib #, starting corral assignment, and the event waiver.  The first emails are scheduled to be sent on April 16th to everyone registered prior to April 11th.  The final batch of emails will be sent a few days after the close of on-line registration to everyone registered after April 10th.

Bringing the verified and signed Confirmation Form with you to the Expo will speed up the race packet pick-up process.  Please note: Blank forms will be available at the Expo, along with computers to look up your bib #, etc. if needed.

Race Packet Pick-up Info: Please review the web page Packet Pick-up Information prior to arriving at the Expo, to ensure that you have everything that you need. This will make your experience during Race Packet Pick-up as easy as possible.  If you are unable to pick up your race packet during the Expo hours, you may send a proxy to pick it up for you. If you cannot find someone to be your proxy, you can hire someone to act as your proxy. Please see the “Special Proxy Packet Pick-up Service” information below for that information.

Special Proxy Packet Pick-Up Service: For those participants not arriving until Sunday morning.

We will assemble a group of people who will pick up your race packet at the Expo and have it ready for you on Sunday morning – at a location near the start area. The details are below:

Important –

  • Advanced reservations are required.
  • The registration application for the proxy packet pick-up service can be found here
  • You must sign up for this reservation-only service which will close prior to the opening of the Expo on May 3rd.
  • Any questions regarding this service should be directed to Info@NJMarathon.org.

Starting Corral Assignments: Here are the times which have been assigned to the starting corrals:


NJM Corrals->





Beginning Time->





End Time->






LBH Corrals->






Beginning Time->






End Time->






 Race Day Weather: The weather varies from year to year on race day. When planning for your race, please remember to have a plan for: cold, rain, wind, sun, heat, humidity, etc. You should understand how to deal with each of these conditions during your race, and adjust your race strategy (goal) accordingly. For example, it can be dangerous to try to PR if we change the warning signs to anything other than green (please refer to Race Director Update # 2 for a description of the warning system). An archive of all previous RD Updates is available from the home page of our website. Here’s a direct link to the archive.

Parking at the Novo Nordisk Health & Fitness Expo: Parking during the Expo, on May 4th and 5th, will be inside the Grandstand gates in Monmouth Park.  Watch for signs as you drive along Oceanport Ave. Important – Prior to heading to the Health & Fitness Expo to pick up your race packet (or sending your Proxy), Please Review” Packet Pick-Up Instructions, and don’t forget to also check out the free speakers, classes, etc.

Parking on Race Day: Parking on race day will occur in many lots inside the park gates and also in lots surrounding the park. The lots will open at 4:30 am on May 5th. Signboards and police officers will direct you to the best available entrance.  Please pay attention to the signs and directions in order to speed up the process.  Our parking staff will be in the lots directing you exactly where to park. Please park as instructed, so that we can park everyone as quickly as possible.  Please note: If you wish to be dropped off prior to the start, please watch for the drop-off area signs and follow police instructions. Important cars in the drop-off area may NOT park. DO NOT DROP ANYONE OFF OUTSIDE THE DROP OFF AREA, AS THAT WILL SLOW DOWN PARKING FOR OTHERS.

Traffic on Race Day: Traffic on race day morning has been very heavy each of the past several years.  This is especially the case about an hour prior to race start time, as a majority of people seem to arrive at about that same time. In order to take traffic stress out of race day morning, plan on carpooling, arriving early or take the Special New Jersey Marathon Race Day Train, and enjoy a more relaxing race day experience!  Monmouth Park has places to top off your fuel (bananas, bagels, peanut butter, etc.) and hydration (water, coffee, tea, etc.), warm up, stretch, get out of the crowds and the weather, and/or unhydrate, etc. The thoroughbreds will likely be training early in the morning. Watching them can be a great way to relax prior to your race, which certainly beats sitting in traffic!

Everyone driving east on Rt. 36 toward Monmouth Park on race day morning will be directed to turn left onto either County Road 537, Oceanport Ave. or Victor Ave. Please pay attention to the police directions as they implement the plan.

Important – All participants must complete the Emergency Information on the back for their bibs in ball-point pen.

We Want to Hear Why You Run: Email us your stories! If selected you may be featured on our Facebook page, in newsletters, or promotional materials. We’ve received a number of good ones, and we know that there are more of you out there. Inspire us and others, please!

Helping Us Help Others: Move for Hunger will be conducting a food drive during the Novo Nordisk Health & Fitness Expo. Please remember, it’s “cans in hands” when heading to the Expo.  (Collection bins will also be available at the finish on race day.) Please help us to end hunger right here in The Garden State!!!

We are also attempting to change the lives of families in African villages by donating used athletic shoes to the MORE Foundation during the Expo. It takes the proceeds from 600 pairs to sustain a family for a year, and we’d like to adopt several families this year! Thank you for joining with us in this very worth-while effort!  Together in 2012, we provided the Agozi Moses Family with the MORE Foundation benefits. Thank you!

Today! Thank you to everyone who joined us today for their training run.  We enjoyed hosting you three weeks before race day, and were pleased to hear of, and read about, the positive experiences you had on the race courses today.  I’m sure that we all hope that was a preview of race day weather this morning!

Best wishes during your training and on race day,

Joe Gigas, Executive Race Director

2013 Race Director Update #7 – April 7 (4 weeks until The New Jersey Marathon Weekend)

Our Affiliated Charities:

The New Jersey Marathon is proud to be involved with many local, regional and national charities. A complete list of these charities is posted on our website at: www.njmarathon.org.  Please click on the “Community” tab on the menu to see list of the charities in each of our two programs; the Beneficiary Program, and the Charity Affiliate Program.

We estimate that approximately $1.5 million will be raised by the charities during The New Jersey Marathon Weekend:  The largest is Team in Training for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society with over 300 athletes raising funds, volunteering and participating in our races each year.  Watch for their purple shirts and singlets and their coaches along the courses.

If you haven’t joined one of our charities already, there is still time.  You can help by: joining a team and raising money on behalf of your favorite affiliated charity, sponsoring a runner who is already on a team, or volunteering your time with them during the weekend events on Friday and Saturday at the Novo Nordisk Health & Fitness Expo at Monmouth Park, and on Saturday morning at the Barnabas Health Family Festival and Kids Races on the Ocean Promenade in Long Branch. On Sunday, your supporters can join our Charity Beneficiaries at the start or finish lines, or on the course handing out water or keeping the course safe.  Helping a charity is a wonderful way to add even more meaning to your race!

The “Novo Nordisk Health & Fitness Expo”:

We have continued to improve the expo experience again this year, and we’re excited to let you in on our planning! We have increased the number of vendor, local business and charity booths, and they are sold out already!

In addition to the vendors, charities and local businesses which will be on our expo floor, and the Race Packet Pick-up service, we will soon be announcing a slate of speakers, exercise classes and also fun activities for kids.

The speaker presentations will be geared to you, the endurance athlete, in order to help you train, race and recover better than ever before.  Don’t miss these free sessions going on throughout the day.  Check out the presentation schedule when planning your trip to the expo, or stick around and hear them all.  I may provide a course preview and tips presentation, if time permits. Check the schedule, when posted, to find the ones which are most interesting.

In addition to the speakers, we will be announcing a number of free activities on Friday (including high energy classes), and on Saturday equally beneficial, and less taxing classes (i.e., Yoga, Qigong, etc.). All the events are free and open to the public.

Also on Friday and Saturday afternoons there will be free fun for kids. Balloon twisting, face painting and other activities will be in various places throughout the park (weather permitting).  Bring the kids of all ages!

In addition to all of the above, the Kentucky Derby will be held late Saturday afternoon, and Monmouth Park will be full of mint juleps and ladies in large hats, at least on the Clubhouse side!  There will be two pari-mutuel betting windows open at the expo, and you will also have free admission to the Clubhouse, where you can eat, wager and watch the races on the large screens.

Very Important Registration Documents:

Prior to race day, we will be sending every registered participant an important message, via the email address which they entered during registration. This email will contain the Registration Confirmation and Waiver Form.  Please verify the registration information for accuracy, and note your bib # assignment.  Important –  YOU, OR YOUR PROXY, WILL NEED 1) THIS SIGNED ORIGINAL DOCUMENT,  AND 2) YOUR  VALID GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID (or a copy of the Valid type of ID if by proxy), to pick up your race packet.  Details are available at: “Packet Pickup Info”.

Please note: There will be two mailings of the Registration Confirmation and Waiver Form. The first mailing will be sent to everyone registered by April 7th.  For those registered after the 7th, the mailing will be sent a few days after the close of on-line registration (which will be no later than the end of April 29th and could be earlier if we sell out prior to that date.

Helping others:

Move for Hunger will be conducting a food drive during our entire weekend.  Please come to the expo with  “cans in hands”  to help make a positive impact on hunger, right here in The Garden State!!!

We are also attempting to change the lives of poor families forever by providing them sustainable resources.  We need your help again this year in donating used athletic shoes to The MORE Foundation during the expo.  It takes 600 pairs of shoes to adopt a family, and we’d like to adopt several this year!  Please join us in this very worth-while effort! We are well on our way with 300 pairs already collected.

Tune-up Training Runs on the Courses:

Mark your calendar for another New Jersey Marathon sponsored tune-up training run on Sunday, April 14 (three weeks prior to race day). We will have a 10 miler (8 AM start) or 20 miler (7 AM start) “Last Long Training Run”, on parts of the course.  Please “Join” our event on Facebook, no later than on Friday the 12th, at:  http://www.facebook.com/events/344701218979083/ . We need a headcount to finalize our planning, so please let us know that you’ll be training with us on that day by clicking on “Join” for the event. Please note: clicking “Like” will not register you for the training run.  Please see Correction # 3 below for 10 miler start times.

We Want to Hear Why You Run:

Email us your stories! We recently had a number of important, helpful, inspiring, moving responses to one of our posts on Facebook.  We would like to know more about why you run and how it has changed your life or helped you in some way.

We will compile them all and publish them over the coming weeks and months.  Please note: you may be featured on our Facebook page, in newsletters, or promotional materials if you submit a story to us.  Running has done so much good for so many, it’s time we shared those stories and exposed the courage we hear about so often from you.  You inspire us every time we are lucky enough to come across them.  Many people think endurance runners are super healthy people and are not like everyone else.  Your stories show that people who are dealing with issues which so many others find difficult or impossible are doing extraordinary things.


1)     Jet Blackberry GU 2X caffeine and Vanilla Bean GU with caffeine will be the flavors on the full marathon course.  It was previously posted as Chocolate Outrage and Vanilla Bean.

2)     A version of Race Director Update #6, in the archive on our website, was incorrect regarding the fee for the Special NJ Marathon Train.  This train will require pre-registration and pre-purchase of a $10 ticket.

3)    The start time for the 10 miler training run on April 14th is listed as 7:30 am on our Facebook Event listing and as 8:00 am in my RD Update # 5.  I will start 10 milers at both 7:30 and again at 8:00.  You are free to start at either 7:30 am or at 8:00 am.  All 20 milers will start at 7:00 am as posted.

Previous RD Updates:

To review all previous Race Director Event Updates please go to the following link: View RD Updates

Best wishes during your training and on race day,

Joe Gigas, Executive Race Director

Have a question about planning for race weekend or an ache, pain, strain, injury, etc.? Let’s talk!

The New Jersey Marathon is very interested in helping you to be ready to race with us and in providing as much information and help to you as we can!

This blog is an example of that commitment to helping you as you train and plan for race day.

Our Race Director posts his weekly updates here in order to help you think through and plan for the entire weekend experience with us.  From planning for: the Expo and Race Packet Pick-up,  your arrival time prior to the start of your race, the fluids and food you will find on the course, the post race Festival, and many other parts of your time with us, he is the person with the answers.

On the other hand, if something physical is bothering you during your training, this is the place to turn for advice. Weather you are  seeing signs of wear on your body (it could be a blister, a dull ache, an occasional twinge) or perhaps dealing with a more serious pain or injury, we are here to help you sort through the many questions about what it could mean to your training and racing, what to do right after your injury, when to seek in-person medical help, and much more.

Please leave a comment on this post for Joe (our RD) or Christine (our PT) and they will get back to you as time permits.  We hope that you will understand that as we get closer to race day, these people will be increasingly consumed with that work, and their responses will likely be slower  than normal.

In addition to having a full time PT practice to manage, Christine is also a member of our Race Committee and is in charge of the exciting, free, speaker and exercise series during the expo days, as well as the  therapists who will be providing the free messages, etc. in our Recovery Tent in the Finish Area on race day.  Please note: Christine will not provide an online diagnosis of your issue, but she will attempt to help you to think about the issue in the best possible way in order to help you find a suitable resolution, as quickly as possible.  She is NOT soliciting for your business.  She is an athlete and knows what it’s like to train and work through pain and injuries.

We hope that you will benefit from their knowledge and advise.  All you have to do is ask your question,  by commenting on this or any other of their posts on this site.

Best wishes,

The New Jersey Marathon Race Committee