2013 Race Director Update #6 – March 31 (5 weeks until The New Jersey Marathon Weekend)

IMPORTANT Race Day Travel, Transportation and Parking Information

Race Day Parking at Monmouth Park:

Please join us in our efforts to: reduce race day traffic congestion, reduce auto pollution, make race day commuting as easy and stress free as possible, please: carpool, arrive early or take the Special NJM train!

Please note: The half marathon and relay will start at 6:45 am.  DO NOT PLAN TO ARRIVE AT MONMOUTH PARK AFTER 5:45 am for these races, if you will be arriving by motor vehicle!

We will have several new parking lots available this year, and we will be parking in multiple lots simultaneously. It will be very important for you to pay attention to the directions on the sign boards and especially to the traffic control officers as you approach the Park, in order to keep the traffic flowing.  Here’s an overview of the parking at Monmouth Park this year. (Please note: $1 parking fees will be collected upon exit from most lots.)

Arrival times:

4:30 am to 5:00 am (arrive during this time and you will be directed to preferred parking). Preferred Parking (Lot 1), will be inside the Park gates and will be directly beside the starting corrals!!!  This lot will hold over 1,200 cars and will be closed either when full or at 5:00 am, whichever comes first. You will not find another race with more convenient parking than in this lot!

5:00 am to 5:45 am (Half, Relay & Full Marathon) We will be filling the other lots (Lots 2 through 10) around the Park during this time, which will be increasingly distant from the start line.  Plan ahead as the main traffic volume will likely occur during these times.

After 5:45 am (Half Marathon and Relay) Do not plan to arrive at Monmouth Park after 5:45 am as traffic volume could force you to miss your start time.  Please remember, if you don’t start with the half marathon corrals you will be Disqualified (DQ’d).

5:45 am to 6:25 am (Full Marathon only) You will be directed to Lots 2 through 10, as traffic dictates.

After 6:25 am (Full Marathon only) You will be directed to either Lot 3 or Lots 5 through 9 as access roads to Lots 1, 2, 3 and 10 will be closed to get ready for the half marathon and relay start at 6:45 am.

 Special Needs Parking: Please show your official government credentials to the traffic control officers to be directed to parking in Lot 1 prior to 5 am if that lot has not yet reached capacity, or in Lot 2 prior to 6:25 am.  There will be designated spaces in each Lot. After 6:25 am, access to the spaces in these two lots will be closed.

Drop-off Area: There will be a designated drop-off area. Dropping off at any location other than in the designated area will be prohibited. This location will be added to the Monmouth Park Transportation and Parking Map soon.

Race Day Parking Near the Finish Area:

There is parking near the finish area for over 1,500 cars, in paid lots, and also some free parking on the streets and in municipal Lot G.  The available lots are shown here for your planning purposes.  While we will have free race day shuttle busing back to Monmouth Park, there will be an unavoidable delay in the start of the return busing (see the schedule below).  Therefore, people in corrals A and B of the Half Marathon and Half Relay who wish to leave prior to the start of the shuttle busing may want to be dropped off at Monmouth Park and the car parked in one of the lots around the finish area (but not in Lot G).  Please note: Departure from these lots will be via Rt. 36 north through Sea Bright only.

Important: In order to reach the parking near the finish area there are two choices: 1) drop off athletes early near the start, then proceed to the finish area along Rt. 36 heading east (this road goes down to one lane heading east just after Monmouth Park).  Access to the finish area from this direction will end at approximately 7:15 am due to road closure,  or 2) Spectators and Volunteers can take Garden State Parkway Exits: 117, 114 (less direct) or 109 and local roads heading east to connect with Rt. 36 no further south than in Sea Bright. Access to the finish area from north of Long Branch, on Rt. 36 heading south, will not be closed at any time due to runner/walker/wheelchair traffic on race day.

Race Day Free Shuttle Bus Schedule:

  • 6:45 am to 7:00 am ONLY – Monmouth Park to Relay Transition Area (for 2nd teammate)
  • 7:45 am to 9:30 am – Relay Transition Area to Finish Area (for 1st teammate)
  • 7:00 am to 9:30 am – Monmouth Park to Finish Area (for spectators & volunteers – not handicapped* equipped – Please note: The Finish area drop off point is in a new location this year, near Parking Lot G, on Union Ave. at about mile 9.7. Access to the finish line may be restricted from this location until about 10:20 am).
  • *10:15 am to 4:30 pm – Finish Area to/from Monmouth Park (athletes, spectators & volunteers – not handicapped equipped. The pick-up/drop off point will be in front of the Ocean Place Resort & Spa on Ocean Blvd.)

* The race course blocks access to roads to/from Monmouth Park for a while once the races begin.  Half marathoners will feel the most impact until about 10:30 am.  At 10:00 am buses will begin loading, by start time corral order only, for the return trip to Monmouth Park.  During that time there will be plenty to do at our Finish Line Festival.  For example:

5 popular bands at: Rooney,s, our main stage, the Ocean Place Resort and in Pier Village! Awards ceremonies for the Half & Relay and the Full Marathon  (times to be announced). NY/NJ Challenge Medals will be available at the Timing and Awards Tent for pick-up. Various types of additional entertainers will be around to amuse and entertain you throughout the area.
Fun gifts and special prizes will be raffled off every half hour (must be present to win). Don’t miss out! Food vendors will be available as well as a wide variety of great area bars and restaurants. Official NJ Marathon & Long Branch Half Marathon branded merchandise will be available. Photos, flowers, race mementos, finisher medal engraving, etc. will be available to make your day very special.
We hope that you will join us to celebrate your special accomplishment AND Cinco de Mayo.  Enjoy!


Race Day Special New Jersey Marathon Train Schedule:

Station & Departure Time

Penn Station New York – 5:00 am

Newark Penn Station – 5:14 am

Rahway – 5:28 am

Matawan – 5:49 am

Middletown – 5:57 am

Arrive at Monmouth Park 6:06 am

Please note: The train schedule will NOT appear on any published NJ Transit schedule. It is a special train for The New Jersey Marathon and associated races, and is available only for our athletes, their supporters, and our volunteers. Pre-purchased tickets are REQUIRED!  Click here to purchase $10, one way tickets, which will be mailed to you.

Important: 1) Plan to be at the train station 10 minutes prior to the listed time for that station. The train will not stop at any station if there are no passengers visible. Therefore, it may run ahead of the schedule listed above on May 5th. 2) Bicycles are not allowed on this train as Monmouth Park Station does not have a raised platform. 3) This is a one-way train. 4) To return home, you must use one of the normally scheduled trains that depart from Long Branch Station (walking distance from the finish line) which departs at six minutes past every hour. (10:06, 11:06, etc.)  Please note: The northbound train at 9:06 am will not depart because of the race. Click here to view the NJ Transit train schedule.

Best wishes during your training and on race day,

Joe Gigas, Executive Race Director

5 thoughts on “2013 Race Director Update #6 – March 31 (5 weeks until The New Jersey Marathon Weekend)

  1. I’m running the full (2nd ever, 1st NJM) and looking forward to a great race! Question about my family spectators… Will they be able to get to pier village from the long branch station?

    • Avi – it’s a walk of about 3/4 of a mile from the station to the finish and less them 1/2 mile to Pier Village. There are some considerations on race day however. First, there will be no trains from the north reaching Long Branch Station on Sunday morning at certain times, as the tracks will be closed for about 3 hours so that all racers can get safely across the tracks in Oceanport. Second, the path from Long Branch Station to Pier village and to the finish crosses the race course once, and depending on which train they will be arriving on will determine if they will be stopped for a while until the street can be crossed. Of course if they time it correctly they may be able to see you at about mile 10.4 and again later at the finish.

      Since you didn’t mention their intended arrival time I can’t be more specific in my reply. Best wishes – Joe

      • Thanks for the reply… I appreciate your insight. Regarding intended arrival time, I looked at the current NJTransit schedule for NYPenn to Long Branch (assuming it won’t change before 5/5), and they would take the 8:07 train to arrive 9:43am. I will most likely run a 4hr marathon, so I expect to pass Pier Village around 10am at mile 12.8 (as per info on the “Spectator Tips” page) and then again around 12noon at mile 25.9.
        So I guess my questions are “Will the 8:07 train be running?” AND “If my family takes the 8:07 train, and arrives by 9:43 (and they are all fast Manhattan walkers), can they get to Pier Village by 10am?”

      • Daniel/Avi,

        We do not have a two loop course and therefore you will pass through Pier Village only once. at about mile 25.9-26.0. The mile 12.8 reference is related to the half marathon, not the full marathon. It appears to me that your family will just miss you as you pass within one block of the train station, a few minutes before their scheduled time of arrival. Too bad! If the timing were slightly different they may have been able to walk one block and see you pass buy at about mile 10.5! A quick calculation is that you will likely pass that spot at about 9:38! If he race were to start late for some reason (e.g., due to a hold for lightening for 15-20 minutes) it could work out for you and them!

        I don’t know the train schedule but an earlier train could get them to the 10.5 point in time to see you pass by. While all trains will be held up during that clear track window, the plan is for the people on the trains during that time to be bused to Long Branch Station. I’m not sure when that train/bus combination will actually arrive at Long Branch Station, but that’s an alternative. If that’s not of interest, then perhaps they can take a later train which will allow them to get to Pier Village in plenty of time to see you near the end of your race?

        Best wishes,


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