2013 Race Director Update #4 – Mar. 17 (7 weeks to The New Jersey Marathon)

Tune-up Training Run (on parts of the courses):

Mark your calendar for another New Jersey Marathon sponsored tune-up training run on Sunday, April 14 (three weeks prior to race day).  We will have a 10 miler (8 am start) or 20 miler (7 am start) “Last Long Training Run”, on parts of the course.  We will start in Pier Village, in waves of about 10-15 people at a time.  Please Note: the roads will not be closed, so be sure to run against the traffic and obey all traffic lights and signs. There will be self-serve fluids around the course.

Please “Join” our event on Facebook, the “Last Long Training Run“. We need to get a headcount to finalize our planning so please let us know if you’ll be training with us on that day, by clicking on “Join” for the event. We expect between 400 and 600 people to train with us on that day, so please let us know if you’ll be joining us.

The 2-Person Half Marathon Relay:

At Packet Pick-up at the Health & Fitness Expo (Friday May 3rd and Saturday May 4th):

The team Captain or the teammate may go directly to Packet Pick-up with the Registration Confirmation Page and photo ID. Please announce your Bib # and Team Name, and give the Registration Confirmation Page and the photo ID to the volunteer to review prior to receiving the complete packet for both team members. You will not be able to pick up the race packet for your team unless you have the proper paperwork!  Please review the “Packet Pickup Info” on our website prior to visiting the Expo in order to make this process as easy as possible.

Relay – Race Day:

Please wear your Bib # on the front of your t-shirt, and a second bib with “RELAY” on the back of your shirt. You will be provided sixteen safety pins to use in attaching these two bibs on each person.  Please note: the bottom of your bib will have a tear off portion to be attached to your gear-drop bag (if applicable).  It should be removed, even if you are not dropping off your bag on race day. Please review the Gear Drop instructions in Race Director Update #3 if you are planning to drop off a bag.

Parking for Relay:

– The first runner/walker on a team should either park, or be dropped off, at Monmouth Park prior to 5:45 am.

– The second runner/walker on a team may wish either to park, or be dropped off, at Monmouth Park and utilize the shuttle bus to the Transition Area.  The shuttle buses will leave between 6:45 am and 7 am. After that time you must find your own way to the Transition Area.

– For the second runner/walker there is also limited parking near the Transition Area, on the southern end of Seaview Ave. in Monmouth Beach. Since that parking area is limited, it is advisable for most people to park at Monmouth Park.

At the Relay Transition (Griffin Park in Monmouth Beach):

When arriving at the Transition Area, the first runner/walker should remove the belt with the bib and timing chip and the second runner/walker should put it on.  That will be the hand-off.  Once the strap is securely in place, the second runner/walker may exit the transition area to begin their portion of the race.

Race Support Staff will be on site at the Transition Area for directions. Please adhere to all directions from the Staff.

There will be buses near the Transition to shuttle the first team members to the finish area between 7:15 am and 9:00 am.

Port-a-Johns and water will be located in the Transition Area, along with a tent.

Please plan your Relay carefully for the best experience!

Other things to note about the Relay:

Two Finishers’ medals will be given to the second runner/walker after turning in the timing belt at the finish line.


Race Day Parking:

Parking at Monmouth Park:

Our best travel advice on race day morning is: carpool, arrive very early or take the train!!!

Please note: The half marathon and relay will start at 6:45 am.  DO NOT PLAN TO ARRIVE AT MONMOUTH PARK AFTER 5:45 am for these races, if you will be arriving by motor vehicle!

We will have several new parking lots available to us starting this year, and we will be parking in many of the lots simultaneously, which means that it will be very important for you to pay attention to the directions on the sign boards as you approach the Park and especially to the traffic control officers, in order to keep the traffic flowing.  Here’s an overview of the parking at Monmouth Park this year. (Please note: parking fees will be collected upon exit from most lots this year)

Arrival times:

4:30 am to 5:00 am (arrive during this time and you will be directed to preferred parking).

Preferred Parking (Lot 1), will be inside the Park gates and will be directly beside the starting corrals!!!  This lot will hold over 1,100 cars and will be closed either when full or at 5:00 am, whichever comes first. You will not find another race with more convenient parking than in this lot!

5:00 am to 5:45 am (Half, Relay & Full Marathon)

We will be filling the other lots (Lots 2 through 10) around the Park during this time, which will be increasingly distant from the start line.  Plan ahead as the main traffic volume will likely occur during these times.

After 5:45 am (Half Marathon and Relay) – Don’t even try it!!

After 6:25 am (Full Marathon only)

You will be parked in either lot 3 or some of our new lots (Lots 5 through 9) as access roads to Lots 1, 2, 3 and 10 will be closed to get ready for the half marathon and relay start at 6:45 am.

Special Needs Parking: Please show your official credentials to gain access to handicapped parking in Lot 1 prior to 5 am, if that lot has not yet reached capacity, or in Lot 2 prior to 6:25 am.  There will be designated spaces set aside in each Lot.

Drop-off Area: There will be a designated drop-off area. Dropping off at any location other than in the designated area will be prohibited as it will cause delays for everyone else, as has happened in previous years! This location will be added to the Monmouth Park Transportation and Parking Map soon.

Parking at the Relay Transition Area:

There is parking for about 50 cars near the transition area in Monmouth Beach, on the southern end of Seaview Ave.  Since that parking area is limited, it is advisable for most people to park at Monmouth Park.

Parking near the Finish Area:

There are a number of private parking lots (parking fees will be charged by the various vendors) around the finish area which the race doesn’t manage.  Parking in one of these lots may allow quick departure after your race. Please note: the only departure route available until after approximately 10:30 am is to the north, via Rt. 36.  All roads in the finish area which cross our courses will start to reopen to traffic after that time. Here’s an overview of parking near the finish line.

There will be updates to the parking and drop-off information referenced above over the next few weeks, including the parking fees at the various Lots in Monmouth Park.

As some of you know, traffic delays have occurred in previous years, and some delays are unavoidable when 12,000+ people converge on one roadway at the same time.  This year’s plan can only be successful if: athletes arrive early, carpool as much as possible, follow the parking and drop-off instructions, or take the Special New Jersey Marathon Train from NYC, (with several New Jersey stops). Please note: This train is not free this year. A $10 one way ticket is required to board this train.  Tickets MUST be pre-purchased, and will not be available from NJ Transit.  Click here to purchase tickets.

Best wishes during your training and on race day,

Joe Gigas, Executive Race Director

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