2013 Race Director Update #3 – Mar. 10 (8 weeks to The New Jersey Marathon Weekend)

Useful race day information prior to the start of your race with us on May 5th


The Start:

You must start in the correct time slot for your race:

Half Marathon Wheelchairs – Corral AA starts at 6:45 am;

Half Marathon & Relay – Corral A starts at 6:46 am, and is followed by each of the other corrals, with one minute separation intervals between them.  Each corral will be held at the start line until the starter signals the start for that particular corral.

Full Marathon Wheelchairs Corral AA – due to course rerouting in 2013, this division has been cancelled;

Full Marathon – Corral A starts at 8:00 am, and is followed by each of the other corrals, with one minute separation intervals between them.  Each corral will be held at the start line until the starter signals the start for that particular corral.

Important: If you start in the wrong time slot (with the wrong race), you will be Disqualified (DQ’d).


Our desire to provide a consistently good start experience for everyone has led us to a corral start system, which is ordered by expected finish time.

To gain access to a particular corral you must show your bib number for that particular race to the attendant, along with a corral assignment for that particular corral, or one in front of the corral you wish to enter.  What that means is that while you may move back to a corral behind the one assigned, you may not move forward to an earlier corral than you were assigned.  We appreciate your help in keeping this a stress free process.

The corrals are meant to keep athletes of similar paces grouped together.  Remember there is no time penalty to being in any corral (except for competitive runners in the open divisions, as they are timed via gun time, not chip time. They will start in corral A). Please note: for everyone else your start time will begin only when your bib (with the timing strip on it) crosses the start line, thereby ensuring a fair start no matter which corral you are in.  Please do not try to defeat the intent of the corral system which was put it in place to help maintain an orderly and safe start experience for everyone!

If everyone follows the intent of the corrals; faster racers will not be impeded, slower racers will not be jostled, tripping accidents will not likely occur, and everyone’s race day start experience will be better.

Corrals will begin loading at 6:25 am for the half marathon/relay, and at 7:40 am for the full marathon.

Finally, NO BIB = NO ENTRY into any corral, or onto the race course!  There will not be a bandit corral!  Please spread the word.


Please Note: Participants are required to complete the Emergency Information on the reverse-side of their Bibs using a waterproof pen! Please fill it out before race day and it will be one less thing to think about!  It’s for your safety that we require this information to be filled out.  If it’s not needed during your race, no one will see the information, however if an EMT is needed, that information could be extremely important in providing the proper assistance in a timely manner.

Gear Drop-off on Race Day:

We will have trucks parked a short walk from the Start line to store your gear and then transport it to the Finish Area for you (a number of people were confused last year and went back to Monmouth Park expecting to find their gear bags still there). Please note: The location of the Gear Drop-off trucks will be changed for 2013. I will be sending you a start area map before race day so that you can become familiar with the location of everything there. These maps will also be available at the “Info” booth at the Health and Fitness Expo on Friday and Saturday, and will also be available during the “Special New Jersey Marathon Train” ride, and at the Proxy Packet Pick-up Service location on race day morning.

Gear-Drop System: Prior to arriving at Monmouth Park, please attach the gear tag, which will come from the bottom of your Bib, to the draw stings of your gear bag which will be 16″ x 18″ x 4″ and must not be stuffed beyond those dimensions. Once in the Gear-Drop area at Monmouth Park, simply go to the truck for your particular race (Half/Relay or Full) and look for the truck handling your bib #.  Please note: The gear bags will be clear this year to allow Homeland Security to check bags more easily, which means quicker and safer.

Very Important!!!

We will accept ONLY the clear race day gear bag which we will provide to you at race packet pick-up. If you bring other bags to gear drop you may have to carry them during your race!!

Please do not leave valuables in the checked bags. We cannot be responsible for lost car keys, cell phones, little black books, money, etc.

What else will be available at the start area?

– There will be a hydration station (water), so make sure that you top of your hydration (don’t wait for race day morning to begin your hydration though)!

– There will be food stands around the start area for everyone who wants to purchase something while awaiting the start of the races.  They will be providing: coffee, bananas, bagels, breakfast items, etc. for purchase by athletes and those other important people: their supporters and our volunteers.

– There will be plenty of porta-johns in the vicinity of the start corrals (but not too close), and bathrooms inside the grandstand area building (where the Expo was the previous day).

– If the weather doesn’t cooperate as nicely as it did in 2011 and 2012, shelter for many will be available inside the Grandstand building, and under the overhang on the track side of the building.  Please be aware that it is your responsibility to get into your corral on time, if you are in the building. Corrals will begin loading at 6:25 am for the half marathon and relay and again at 7:40 am for the full marathon.

– Shuttle buses will be available to: the Transition area (see next week’s Race Director Update, #4, for details.) and to the bus station which this year is about a half mile from the Finish Area. (A future Race Director Update will provide details about this new location for 2013).

– And of course there will be music at the start – Lots of Bruce and Bon Jovi for sure!

Here’s a brief summary of pre-start items:

Fill out the back of your bib and pin it to your shirt the night before, be on-time for your race (expect traffic delays if planning to arrive after 5 am), drop a gear bag at the truck assigned if you want something at the finish, hydrate, use the porta-johns or bathrooms, load into the assigned corral prior to race start, smile, and have a great day!!!  It’s really simple.  Don’t let the details above worry you!  Read it in sections and ask questions on our Facebook page or Blog as needed. If confused on race day, just ask, as help will be close by.


Best wishes during your training and on race day,

Joe Gigas, Executive Race Director

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